Petal Power: Choosing your wedding flowers

Have you ever stopped and wondered what the meaning behind a flower is? How much knowledge do you really have about the flowers you select for your wedding? Sure, they're pretty and they smell nice, but have you ever considered what the underlying message is? Lucky for you, we have found the meanings of a wide range of flowers.. We didn't want to cloud you with negative meanings since this is a happy occasion so we will only reveal the flowers that have positive messages!

After reading this, you'll be well-educated enough to make a decision about what kind of flowers you want for your wedding day.

Acacia: friendship, enjoyment of retiring
Allium: patience, unity
Alstroemeria: prosperity, fortune, wealth
Ambrosia: someone loves you back
Amaryllis: splendid beauty, pride
Aster: symbol of love, daintiness
Baby's Breath: innocence, purity
Bachelor's Button: state of happiness, hope in love
Bells of Ireland: good fortune
Bluebell: everlasting love
Bouvardia: enthusiasm, energy
Buttercup: youth, innocence, playful
Cactus: endurance, strength
Caladium: delight and joy
Camellia: thankfulness, perfection
Camellia (red): excellence
Camellia (blue): burning love
Camellia (pink): yearning or longing
Camellia (white): adorability
Carnation: devoted love
Carnation (white): pure love
Carnation (pink): memory of someone
Carnation (red): admiration, love yearning
Chrysanthemum: great friends, happiness
Chrysanthemum (white): truth or reality
Chrysanthemum (red): love
Crocus: child-like happiness
Daffodil: sun shine, fidelity
Dahlia: good taste, elegance
Daisy: innocence, purity, gentleness
Delphinium: intense love
Fern: magic, fascination
Fleur De Lis: flame
Forget-Me-Not: true love, undying hope
Forsythia: good nature
Freesia: trust, friendship
Galax: encouragement
Gardenia: purity, innocent love
Gladiolus: grace, generosity
Gloxinia: love at first sight
Grass: message
Heather (lavender): idolization
Heather (white): guarding, wishes come true
Hibiscus: delicate beauty
Holly: home happiness
Hyacinth (red or pink): play
Hyacinth (blue): always
Hydrangea: thank you
Iris: faith, hope
Ivy: fidelity, wedded love
Jonquil: reciprocated affection, desire
Lilac (white): youthful innocence, virginity
Lilac (purple): rush of love
Lily (Tiger): fortune; prosperity
Lily (Eucharis): maiden charms
Lily (Day): conquetry
Lily (Calla): beauty
Lily of the Valley: sweetness, return of happiness
Longi Valley: pure
Magnolia: royalty, self-respect
Mimosa: hidden love, sensitivity
Moss: charity, motherly love
Myrtle: home, love, duty
Oleander: grace, beauty
Orange Blossom: eternal love, innocence
Orchid: beautiful lady, refinement
Orchid (Cattleaya): mature charm
Palm Leaves: Victory, success
Pansy: merriment, thoughtfulness
Peony: happy marriage, prosperity
Phiox: souls united
Pine: hope
Poinsettia: be merry
Poppy: imagination, eternal sleep
Poppy (white): comfort
Poppy (red): enjoyment
Poppy (yellow): wealth, good fortune
Primrose: desperate love
Queen Anne's Lace: safe place
Ranunculus: radiant; glowing
Rose (peach/ coral/ orange): desire
Rose (yellow): friendship
Rose (deep pink): thank you
Rose (light pink): admiration
Rose (pink): grace, perfection
Rose (white): innocence
Rose (red): love
Rose (single): simplicity, I love you
Rose (long-stemmed): remembrance of you
Rose (short-stemmed): girlhood
Roses (red and white): unity
Roses (assorted colors): "You're everything to me"
Roses (single full bloom): "I still love you"
Roses (mature blooms): gratitude
Rosebud: youth
Rosebud (red): pure
Rosebud (white): girlhood)
Spider Flower: "Elope with me"
Stephanotis: happily married
Stock: lasting beauty, strong bond of affection
Sunflower: sunshine, good cheer
Sweet Pea: delicate pleasures
Sweet William: courage, positive regard for woman
Tulip: passion, lover
Tulip (red): declaration of love
Tulip (yellow): hopeless love
Tulip (Variegated): beautiful eyes
Verbena: hopeful wish
Veronica: faithfulness
Violet: virtue
Violet (blue): truthfulness
Viscaria: Dance with me
Wallflower: faithfulness
Water Lily: pure heart
Wisteria: welcome
Yarrow: healing
Zinnia: thoughts of those gone
Zinnia (mixed): friendship
Zinnia (magenta): everlasting love
Zinnia (yellow): daily remembrance


Ok, Ok... You asked for it! Here are some of the flowers that have negative meanings or are not typically ideal for wedding blissfulness!

Aconite: beware, a deadly foe is near
Anenome: forsaken, expectations
Begonia: beware, caution
Carnation (purple): inconsistency
Carnation (yellow): disappointment, rejection
Carnation (striped): refusal, can't be with someone
Chrysanthemum (yellow): slighted love
Cyclamen: departure, goodbye
Geranium: stupidity
Hyacinth: games, toying with affection
Hyacinth (purple): forgiveness, sadness
Hyacinth (yellow): jealousy
Marigold: envy, cruelty
Monkshood: enemy near
Narcissus: formality, egotism
Nasturtium: victory in battle
Petunia: resentment, anger
Primrose (Evening): infrequent
Snapdragon: deception
Statice: sympathy



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