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The holidays are upon us and you’re probably asking yourself “what in the heck am I going to get so and so??!”  ‘Tis the season of ugly Christmas sweaters, inedible fruit cakes, dancing snowmen ties, silly gizmos and gadgets, and that one gift that leaves you wondering “what is it?”.  So, why not change it up a bit this year?  Most of us women (and yes, even some men) love great skincare products and makeup.  It’s something we can use every day, it makes us feel and look good, and it’s perfect for a stocking stuffer, grab bag, for your friend or loved one, and even yourself!

The following are my absolute favorite products from cleansing to priming. They are all what I have come to love, use on a regular basis...and what I even ask Santa for each year.

(Disclaimer: The products listed below are of  my own experience and are my personal opinion.  I have not, in any way, received payment or products for any positive review or mention.)

Clarisonic Sonic Cleansing System: 

($149.00 - $199.00 at A little big for a stocking or grab bag but oh my goodness, what a great gift!!  I cannot talk enough about this product.  Even though it seems a bit pricey this brush does such wonderful things for the skin and is worth every single penny.  This brush will gently cleanse (6x better than your hands!), exfoliate, unclog pores, and buff your skin to help make it look its absolute best.  Because its going to remove all those clogging impurities, all those great skincare products are going to be absorbed so much better.

Set Me Free Cleanser by Beauty Society: 

($29.50at  This product was and still is magical for me.  If you have normal to oily, blemish prone skin, this product is for you.  Being acne prone myself, I tried practically every product on the market.  Unfortunately, many of those products are horribly drying and would leave my skin even more irritated which would make me break out more.  After using Set Me Free once (no exaggeration) I could see and feel a difference.  This natural cleanser is sulfate free (foaming agent that causes drying), powerful enough to break through oils but gentle enough to even remove eye makeup without irritation.  If the price seems steep, no worries.  One small pump per wash is all you need; making this last you months!  If you do not fall into this category, I suggest you use its sister cleanser, Easy Going, a gentle cleanser for sensitive, mature and/or dry skin.

Crystal Ball Exfoliant by Beauty Society: 

($34.50 at We’ve all seen those exfoliants out there loaded with diamonds, almond or walnut shells, claiming that they make your skin more radiant.  Unfortunately, those products are better left for elbows and feet as those sharp edges are only causing micro-tears on your delicate face.  But this is not the case with Crystal Ball.  With a mixture of volcanic microcrystals and exotic oils, Crystal Ball buffs away imperfections and you will see and feel a difference pretty much immediately.  A great tip: Use while in the shower as your face needs to be wet.  Once your face is complete, rub the remainder on your lips, and rinse.  You will not believe how kissably soft they will be!

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre:

 ($16.00-$28.00 at Embryolisse is a beautifully rich moisturizing lotion used by many makeup artists as a primer, moisturizer, and makeup remover. A very little goes a long way with this product, its very hydrating, and does not cause breakouts. Simply, a lovely product.

Cover FX Skin Prep FX Nourishing Foundation Primer and Anti-aging Serum: 

($45.00 at Sephora) I use this product on every single client that sits in my chair...and they all love it!  It smells lovely, glides on like silk, nourishes the skin, soothes inflammation, and preps the skin perfectly for the application of foundation. Perfection in a tube.

Perfect 10 Foundation by Beauty Society: 

($28.00 at I have been searching years for the best foundation and I believe I have found it.  I use this foundation on every single client and it is the only one I use on myself.  Its oil free, blends beautifully because its color correcting, a little goes a very long way, and is beneficial for your skin as it has 10 anti-aging ingredients including Apple Stem Cell Technology. I have yet to find another liquid foundation that beats it.

Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer & Treatment: 

($36.00 at This peachy pink concealer is amazing because it neutralizes those dark blue circles without creating that dreadful raccoon look, its silky smooth, and such a small amount is needed.  Just apply a little over your foundation, set with powder, and voila!  It really is a miracle product and a must have!

Three Custom Color Specialist Creme Concealer: 

($22.50 at Oh, how much I love this brand. Many of their products are wonderful but one item that stands out is their creme concealer.  It blends beautifully into the skin, covers blemishes smoothly, knocks down redness, and lasts throughout the day.  Their site is certainly worth a peek!

Cover FX Matte Setting Powder:

 ($32.00 at Sephora)  This setting powder is a must have. What I love about it is that it sets your foundation beautifully, you can layer liquids or creams over it for touch ups and when you reapply the powder it doesn’t turn into a cakey mess!  Also, so many powders will leave a residue that shows up especially in the day of HD or they turn the face grey which is a nightmare for your photographer!  Cover FX is great for any use. This powder is truly the best of the best.

Love Potion Bronzer and Blush by Beauty Society: 

($26.00 at  Many years ago I fell head over heels for a blush/bronzer duo from NARS called Orgasm/Laguna ($41.00).  Then I was introduced to Love Potion by Beauty Society.  It is not only very comparable but less you keep it in this great bamboo mirrored case which is refillable! The blush is a peachy pink with slight shimmer which is such a refreshing pretty color and the bronzer is a light brown which will give your skin some warmth (not orange!) with a radiant glow.

Dior Black Out Mascara: 

($25.00 at Sephora)  There are many great mascaras out there.  You can find them from the drug stores to the department stores.  The one that I love, have cheated on, and always return to is Dior Black Out mascara.  It’s thick without clumping, the blackest black, it thickens and lengthens. your’s a-ma-zing!

MAC Cosmetics:

 (  I decided to mention the brand itself instead because I love so many of their products.  There is not one day that goes by that I am not wearing at least one thing MAC.  This company has such variety and if you haven’t checked them out, I suggest you do ASAP.  MAC is excellent for their highly pigmented eyeshadows, their rich coloured liners, and their famous lipsticks (all $15.00).

a-design Makeup Brushes: 

(starting at $10.00 at  a-design carries natural, synthetic, and dual fiber brushes.  If you have a need, they have the brush. They are high quality, super soft and will last you years and years.  A must to apply and blend your makeup flawlessly.

Tweezerman Slanted Tweezers:

 ($22.00 at Sephora)  These award winning slanted tweezers are the best!  They are stainless steel, are slanted perfectly to grab even the smallest of hairs, and the company offers free sharpening.  I purchase mine in Sephora but I have seen them in local stores such as Target.  You just cannot go wrong with Tweezerman.

I hope all of you have a wonderful and safe holiday season.  If you have any ideas for future blogs, I’m all ears! Please email me your ideas at


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